Minggu, 12 Februari 2017

You Do!

You were there to say
that is not good to chase my gratification.
But, you were there angry,
when I blocked your gratification.
Have I been controlling? Have I been influencing?
Please understand that I have been jealous and care about you.

You said that I torture you sometimes.
But, what we have is torturing me.
Please, realize it!
Please, understand it!

How can I stay with you?
You are someone that ask me to be around you,
But you leave me blank in the dark.
How can I stay with you?
If my love for you is not deserved well?

You look for the others and yes! You do it!
But when you feel lonely, I am still here for you.
You want to forget me and yes! You do it!
But when you need affection, I am here for you.

That's the reason why I want to fight this!
That's the reason why there has been a lot of arguments!
That's the reason why I accidently torture you right after I gave you affection!
Because I want to be smart in the relationship!
Because I am afraid that you'll leave me after that!
I hate to know that I want to do the same to you!
I am so sorry! But, I promise to stop the cycle of pain.

Well, you said you love me all the way.
For my love, let its sincerity says something to you,
It has been telling you, but you have been being dead.
I still want to say that I love you,
But I should live my great life. 

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