Minggu, 04 Desember 2016

3 Dec: 30 Facts?!

30 facts? Good and bad?

Another weird post. Facts are some information which its truth can't be denied. So, I am confused. Hahahaha. 

My facts should be my full name, my birthday and birth place, etc. But, let's make it fun for the writing challenge!

30 Facts about me:
Let's start with the cheesy one

1. My full name is Dzikra Handika
2. Nationality: Indonesia
3. Birthday: November 29, 1998
4. I love to read, but my homeworks don't let me to read as much as that I want *eh?
5. Sometimes so quite, but for the party? I want to be in front of the DJ (in case it was EDM Concert or other rave party)
6. Can cry over the movies and songs hahah
7. I love beauty pageants! Haha
8. I express my feelings mostly through writing
9.  Love to play and watch Drama
10. Love kids!
11. Have been single for a long time, *eh?
12. Love the tropical weather cause it makes your skin looks stunning naturally 
13. I don't like exaggeration, I mean who does?
14. If I get sick, mostly because I am not happy at that time
15. Love the pure water (going natural, yeah!)
16. Drugs and other addictive stuffs are such a big NO for me
17. It is hard to get peer pressure. I don't really follow what is trendy. 

Ex: If I and my friends hang out, I could be the only person who drink water while all my friends order soda or alcohol.
A lot more example for this, honestly :3

18. I prefer have higher EQ than higher IQ
19. I love to travel, but I just don't get that freedom yet, cause I am still in high school. 
20. I love to study about culture, language, personal development, management, economics, and geography, and technology. 
21. Love the universe!
22. I only watch TV less than 2 hours per week. 
23. My favorite color is green
24. Love to eat various kind of food but food is not my mood booster at all. 
25. Speak Indonesian and English.
26. My words were pure, but several months ago some bad words started to appear
27. Hard to get angry, but once I get it, hmmm
28. Kinda lazy to do homework, but really love to lead, manage, and do a project 
29. A lot of my friends said that I am really huggable
30. Soon, will graduate from high school Class of 2017!

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