Senin, 27 Juni 2016


It's been 9 days for me being here, in Indonesia. I spent the first three days in Jakarta for having reorientation. I feel like there is nothing really change; there is no major changes at all. But, somehow I feel like there is a change. I think again and now I know the answer that: I change.
That's the reason why that weird feeling still stay in my soul even though there is no major changes at all in the outside. The biggest change is the change of myself.

1) I am very tall to live in Indonesia but just having an average body height to live in the U.S.
2) I say "Thank you" a lot more than before
3) I act more
One day, I came to the mosque and saw some bad words written on the wall. I reported it to a kid whose father is a comittee that maintain the well-being of that mosque.
many more... more...more...more...more....

I am so happy to be back again in Indonesia. But, I don't know sometimes I feel sad to be far away from the U.S.. Hmmm... Re-adjusting is harder than culture shock but I've been through the hardest challenges on my exchange year so readjusting just feel okay.

#AsikinAja Haha!

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