Minggu, 06 Maret 2016

24 Hours per Day to Accomplish

    When I was in 8th grade, I complained once about the time that I have in my life which is 24 hours per day. I really wanted to make a novel, I was very passionate about writing. But, feels like I didn't have enough time. I had to do hours of doing homework and getting good grades at school. I wished that I had 26 hours per day, which is impossible.

    As I am getting older, I feel that 24 hours per day is enough. Complaining takes time, right? We complain because we think about the future and assume that there will be no time to do the next tasks. But, do we realize that when we are complaining and not focusing on the present moment, we are actually wasting our time. Probably, the time that we have wasted for complaining is the same amount with the time that we can use for getting done another task.

    It feels crazy to know what I wanted at that time. I wanted to make a novel, get the top 10 highest grade in my middle school, be active on Twitter and Blog, and wanted to watch movie in cinema twice in a week. Do you want to know what was the result? I did not get anything of those!  But, it was totally okay. It gave me a lesson that I have to prioritize my goals.

     When I just started my 9th grade, I told myself that I just wanted to focus on my academic life and finally I got good grade and continue my study in top high school in an excellent class. (In Indonesia, student start the high school at 10th grade and it is not moving class. You have to stay in the same classroom everyday because the teacher moves from one class to another class. In my school, they have a placement test. The top 36 students will be placed in an 'excellent class' and will get more homework and more challenging classes).

     Approximately a year ago, I started to think about the importance of accomplishing another dream. "What is the benefit? Why I have to do that? Do I really want to accomplish that? Does it make me happy? Does it have any impacts to the society?" I have seen a lot of articles tell that we have to be careful about what we want to accomplish. Some people want to accomplish a dream to proof his/her haters that he/she can. Some people want to achieve something for getting people's approval. But of course, some people still want to achieve something to give positive impacts to the society. So, whenever we start a plan to achieve something, make sure that we are in pure mind and calm condition.

The biggest dream of the human is to be happy

   Two days ago, I read an article written by the founder of PrepScholar who attended Harvard University. The article is How to Get Into Harvard and the Ivy League, by a Harvard Alum. I have read a lot of article about tips to get good grades, get high score of SAT/ACT, and how to get into top university. But, this one is the longest and my favorite! It enlightened me to plan better about my study. That article told me that instead of being a well-rounded student, we have to be a 'big spike' or in another name: We have to be a world-class student who masters something that we really love and passionate about.

    If Bill Gates can't plays Football, who cares? He owns Microsoft, dude!. If J.K. Rowling is very bad in Biology, who cares? Hundreds million copies of her novel have been sold! We don't have to be good in science, sport, and art at the same time, right?
Anyway, that article drove me to start doing what I really love. I am happy to do what I love. I could be a master of anything, but not everything. Everyone could be a master of what they love. I love to study Humanities and Social Studies. So, what about you?

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